Broker Support

Broker Support


Dedicated to your success

A full time resource to meet the ongoing demand of your Mortgage Broking business. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing staff that fit your requirements, budget and business planning.

1. Standard

All Rocket Services Broking Support Officers begin with a running start. Already experienced with broking support fundamentals, your Standard staff are ready to assist you with your next deal.

$3,299 per month exc. gst.

2. Advanced

Fluent in the majority of Loan Processing tasks, your Advanced staff member can liaise with you and key stakeholders to ensure the smooth and continuous processing of your loans.

$3,599 per month exc. gst.

3. Guru

There’s really nothing a Guru hasn’t seen or done when it comes to Broking Support. Your Guru staff member can take the reins – delivering not only production, but also training and development for your team.

$3,999 per month exc. gst.

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Discounted Pricing

Depending upon your team size, you may be eligible for discounted pricing from our published rates. Get in touch with us at to discuss volume pricing.


$3299/ MO
  • Skill set:
  • Data Entry
  • Broker & Lender Liaison
  • File Management with preferred CRM
  • Order Valuations
  • Loan Tracking
  • Undergoing CERT-IV


$3599/ MO
  • All Standard skills and:
  • Compliance documentation
  • Lodgment, Packaging & Submission
  • Pricing Requests
  • Rate Reviews
  • Discharge Requests
  • Completed CERT-IV


$3999/ MO
  • All Expert skills and:
  • Credit Assessment & Review
  • Provides staff support and training
  • Team & Client Management
  • Client liaison
  • Customised Tasks
  • Completed CERT-IV