A full time resource to meet the ongoing demand of your practice.


1. Standard

Graduating from the Rocket Services Academny, a Standard Paraplanner is proficient across Risk, Superannuation and Investment strategies has been trained to accommodate more complex advice requests.

$4,500 per month exc. gst.

4. Guru

The highest quality and the most productive. Guru Paraplanners draw upon their comprehensive understanding of professional standards, advice strategies and software usage to ensure complex advice documents are delivered with care and passion.

$6,500 per month exc. gst.

2. Advanced

Demonstrated expertise across most strategies and advice complexities, with a high rate of productivity, comprehension and critical analysis. An Advanced Paraplanner has between 2 to 4 years experience and hundreds of SOA and ROA under their belt.

$5,500 per month exc. gst.

Pay Per Task.

On demand SOA and ROA advice document generation when you need it.

Single Area SOA

For an SOA that is focused on a single area of advice such as a Risk only plan or a Superannuation switch.

1 strategy
2 strategies
3 strategies
4+ strategies
Risk $199$299$349$449
Super $299$349$399$499
Investment $299$349$399$499
TTR / Pension $449$499$549$649
All prices quoted are excluding GST. SMSF pricing applies to the establishment or wind-up of an SMSF.

Hybrid SOA

A Hybrid SOA includes multiple areas of advice, such as a Risk and Super SOA.

2 strategies
3 strategies
4 strategies
5+ strategies
All prices quoted are excluding GST

Record of Advice

1 strategy
Additional strategiesAdditional ClientProjections
ROA$165+$49 each$49See add-ons
All prices quoted are excluding GST
Add-ons for Single Area and Hybrid SOA/ROA

Additional Client $49
Projections and modelling $65 p/h
Revisions $65 p/h
Planning Software Fee $49 per SOA
Cash flow management $40 – $180
Debt management $65 – $215
Gearing strategies $120 – $260
Tax and Others $65 – $215
Additional platforms $30+


From submission through to the review of your advice request, you should be spending less than one hour on the process. Saving time, saving money – that’s the point of outsourcing.”

1. Submission

Using our SOA request form, you can provide an overview of your advice recommendations, fees and directions. No need to double enter information into our form – just point the Paraplanner to where it can be found in your CRM.

3. Drafting

Your Paraplanner gets to work creating your advice document and may communicate any conflicts or clarifications relevant to the advice during this process.

2. Categorisation

Your assigned Paraplanner will revert with a confirmation email outlining the strategies and providing a quote for time and cost. They may also request further information at this point or clarify some items of your submission.

4. Review

Your draft advice document is sent back to you for review. Remember you are responsible for the advice – if any revisions are required due to the fault of the Paraplanner – send it back immediately and it will be rectified at high priority at no extra charge.


We decided to take on Rocket in 2017 after being referred by a colleague. It was the best decision we made – we now have a team of Rocket Scientists who have been part of our business for years. Thanks Rocket!

Richard D.

We have used Rocket Paraplanning Services for several years now and have found the turnaround time to be consistent as is the product they produce for us. Their staff are friendly, well trained, and efficient. I have no trouble recommending Rocket. We recently had a backlog of documents and Rocket produced a workable solution to help us out. Thank you Rocket!

Jane L.

Let’s work. Together.

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